The end of the month is an important period for everyone. To make this as smooth as possible, we have a checklist here for all the things that you should definitely arrange. Including tips.

Personnel numbers

You can easily check this in the Social Secretariat tab under "Management".
When the beam is empty the number is missing.

Please do not add the personnel numbers here, but change them in the user-profile.
After you have completed the necessary details, please press RESET DATA. When everything is ok, the number will appear. 

If you work with SD Worx , please read this. 

2. Holidays and public holidays

Before you make the export it is best to check whether there was a public holiday in the month. Has there been one, have the employees worked? Or have they been allowed to take this day as a vacation. You can find here how to put a public holiday in the system.

You do the same for the holiday periods. What you should pay attention to is that you have allocated the correct number of hours via vacations. Below is a common example. On Friday 14/09, the "little leave" holiday was correctly allocated for 8:00 AM. No hours are used to the holiday on Saturday.

Next, it is important that you select the correct vacation type

3. Check whether staff time registrations  are correct

  • Check each week if your staff registered the correct times.

  • You can  change them when necessary, click here for the article

  • Did somebody forget to register them self, click here to discover how you add a registration. 

4. Are the rules for automation set in the system

You can check this under "management - settings" - worktypes
Please note that you do not have to add them yourself, we will do this for you if you ask your consultant or our chat.

5. Before starting did I place the data filter correct and pressed RESET Data

Always start by placing the data correct en "apply filters".
Followed by "Reset data"

6. Do you want to continue

Press "Apply rules" .
Check all the data.
And end by pressing "Payroll export".

When you don't receive a file, please check if your pop-ups are allowed 

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