In Belgium we all have at least 10 holidays.
Depending on which branch your company is people might need to come and work on a holiday.

You can register and manage holidays in Online Work Schedule.
You can add holidays in the following way:

1. Choose in the menu for Schedule - Absence & Availability.
2. Click at the bottom on 'Add holiday'.

3. You'll now see a pop-up.
4. Select the day on which you want to add a holiday (select this day).
5. Give a name to the holiday.
6. Select whether or not people need to come work on this holiday.
Hint: If people don't need to come work, check the box. If they do need to work and can take up this leave on another day, uncheck the box.

7. Select the workday type.
Hint: If you cannot find the appropriate workday type, you can add this by closing the pop-up and clicking on the 'Add workday info type' button on the upper right.

8. Select the people who will get this holiday.
Hint: in default the system will assign this holiday to everyone. You can see who doesn't get this day as a standard workday. In the column 'Standard Day' their boxes are checked. You can delete people who usually don't work on that weekday by clicking on the 'delete icon' (X).

9. Click on 'Confirm'.
The holiday is now added and will be visible in the leave calendar with an (F).

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