Just like the student contracts, we now have a digital module for contracts in function of "authorized absence".

This contract module can only be used when the device is allowed to be used as a ticker clock.

You cannot activate this yourself, so always ask your consultant or our support staff to activate the TA module.

Attention: the module is currently still free of charge if you already use the digital student contracts.

Activating the contracts

1) Go to "Management - Settings"

2) Click on "Contract"

Here you can choose for "Permissible contracts". After selecting the correct type, you have click on "Save".

You can choose the following:

  • Inactive: the module is not yet active.

  • Only for staff without a permanent contract: when selected, only flexi, extras, students, ... will have to sign a form.

  • Everybody: all employees have to sign the form.

The content

Below the activation part of the page you can find the template for the digital form. You can edit everything but the text between the marks. These marks are auto-filled with data from the employee profile.

The overview

You can download all the contracts on your PC.

You can find the overview under "Management - Contracts".

You will then get an overview of all the people and the contracts. You can filter on a certain period. If you press the arrow behind a certain line you will download the contract.

Staffmembers can check their contracts with our App.
Click here for the manual.

How does it work

You can read this manual.

The legislation

The digital contracts are currently not legal. In the settings you will find the following warning:

ATTENTION: Our digital contracts are in line with approved law proposal : http://www.ejustice.just.fgov.be/eli/wet/2018/01/15/2018200516/justel (see Chapter 5, Department 1 and Department 5).
According to our sources, this approved proposal will be implemented early 2019. Until then, our digital contracts are not legal and their use is at your own risk.
It is therefore possible that you will receive a comment / warning during a check.

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