In Strobbo you can let students sign their contracts digitally. This will not only prevent administrative hassles, but will also save you a lot of paper.

Attention: This is only for students!
Attention: You can only use this function when the device is allowed to work as time entry clock.

Important information:The digital contracts are not legal at the moment. In the settings you'll find this warning:

ATTENTION: Our digital contracts are in line with approved law proposal : (see Chapter 5, Department 1, and Department 5). This approved proposal will be implemented in early 2019 according to our sources. Until then, our digital contracts are not legal and their use is at your own risk. It is therefore possible that you receive a comment / warning during a check.

You can activate the contracts as follows:

Choose in the menu for Management - Settings and click on the tab 'Contracts'. Here you can select per establishment if you want the contracts to be signed digitally.

Then choose one of these options:
Obligated: this will make it impossible to clock in if the contract isn't signed.
Optional: this will allow clocking in without signing the contract.
Inactive: the contract option will not be visible.

In the frame you can set up your signature.

It is also possible to change the content of the contract. Simply click in the text of the contract on the bottom of the page. In the text you'll see certain tags in {{ }}. These are fixed tags that will be replaced by variable data when the contract is made.
E.g. {{EMPLOYEE_INSZ}} will be replaced by the employees social security number.
You can see the content of all tags by clicking the button 'Show shortcodes'.

The contract overview

You can download the contracts on your computer. You can fiend the overview in the menu under Management - Contracts. 

You'll see an overview of all the persons and contracts. You can filter on a certain period. Click on the 'download icon' (arrow) at the end of a row to download the contract.

Contracts in day overview

If the students clocks in, and the clocking time can be linked to a working time, then you can also find the contract in the day view of the schedule.

It looks like this:
Green: Signed by the student
Red: Denied (only possible if the setting is set to 'optional')
Grey: Made but not yet signed


What happens when a student clocks in?

When a student enters his pin, he'll see the notification below. You can see he won't be able to clock in if he hasn't signed the contract.

When the student clicks 'yes' he'll see the contract and needs to sign at the bottom right. He will then needs to click "ga verder". 

After this the student will see the usual notification that he's clocked in. The signed contract is now saved.

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