When an employee has performed less than he/she was planned to work, we can generate a digital document which the employee has to sign. When the employee signs this form, he agrees with a shortened work time. The shortened work time will be registered as allowed absence/permitted absence.

Important! When applied, we only factor in the worked hours vs the planned hours. We do not check the start and end of the shift.

Caution! This service has to be activated by us, you can request this service with our support team.

When our support team has made the necessary actions, you can activate this service. You need to follow these steps:

1) Go to "Management - Settings"

2) Click on "Contract"

Here you can choose for "Permissible contracts". After selecting the correct type, you have click on "Save".

3) You can choose the following:

  • Inactive: the module is not yet active.

  • Only for staff without a permanent contract: when selected, only flexi, extras, students, ... will have to sign a form.

  • Everybody: all employees have to sign the form.

After you selected the preferred option, you fill in your signature and click on "Save".

4) Below the activation part of the page you can find the template for the digital form. You can edit everything but the text between the marks. These marks are auto-filled with data from the employee profile.

When the employee ends his shift, he will get the following message:

When the employee refuses to sign, an additional screen will pop up. The employee has to choose between the options and click on "Confirm".

You can retrieve the signed contracts in the menu "Management - Contracts"

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