You can create a file at the end of the month containing only the data of a particular user group.

Attention: Do not forget to also follow the regular steps of your social secretariat export ('Reset data' and 'apply rules') Click here for more information.

  1. Go to Management > Payroll

  2. First click on Reset Data after selecting the desired date range

  3. Select the user group you wish to export

4. Then click on "Apply filter".

An overview of the users belonging to the selected user group will now appear.

5. Click on 'apply rules' and check the data.

6. Click on 'Payroll Export'

7. The file for the selected user group is downloaded.

You get a different file for each user group. Suppose we select all these user groups, then in our example we would get 3 separate files.

Is your file not downloading? Then please read this manual.

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