Are you trying to "export data" but don't get a file? This means that the pop-ups are blocked somewhere. You can easily solve this.

Google Chrome
If you work in Google Chrome, you have to check in the url bar at the top right if the pop-up blocker appears. This appears a moment after clicking on "export data".
If you click on the red cross at the top, you will be notified to allow pop-ups.


If you work in Safari you solve this as follows:

If this doesn't work, then follow these steps:

  • navigate to the Safari menu at the top left

  • click on preferences

  • open the security tab

  • remove the checkmark for "block pop-up windows"

Due to the new update in Safari you may have to try it differently:

  • navigate to the Safari menu at the top left when the Strobbo website is open.

  • click on "preferences"

  • open the "websites" tab

  • select "allow" behind the Strobbo website

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