As admin, you can discover and adjust different settings. This way you don't need to wait on an answer of our Chat with Support.

What follows is an overview of what you an set up yourself as an admin.

GeneralThe most important section of the tab 'General' is the rounding of the time entry. 

More about this rounding on this page.

NotificationsThink about which emails you'd like to receive from Online Work Schedule. Normally this looks more limited than the printscreen below. If you'd like to see the all options like the printscreen, let us know on Chat with Support and we'll arrange it for you.

First of all, you can send a notification to the staff if you want to cancel working hours.

Furthermore, you can enter emails from yourself or the person responsible. the most important notifications are of course the Dimona notifications e.g. emails when people don't clock in or out.

All the way at the bottom, new fields have been added. These are the controle checks that contribute to a smoother schedule process. When you plan people longer than is allowed or more than 2 days in a row, you will receive a warning when sending the schedule. 

Working day infoIf you want a day to count for 150%, this is where you can set it up.

Work areasHere you can adjust/add extra work areas visible on the schedule. Attention: you cannot delete them.
By clicking the 'Assign Personnel' button, you can easily link personnel to the correct working area.

Standard timesThese are the shifts that will appear on the schedule. Attention: the break that you can enter here is purely informative.

Holiday types and Working time typesIf there's a pay code or a holiday type missing, you can easily add them in this screen.
More information in this article.

Recently we've made it possible for you to add workspaces to Online Work Schedule yourself. However, this is not free.
More information in this article.

If you want to proportionate the revenue with the personnel costs, you can fill in the details in the tab 'revenue'.
More information in this tutorial.

What is not possible?Limit the working hours. Please ask Chat with Support to help you.

What else is possible?Changing the user data: Management - Users
Changing Leave balances: Management - Users - 'Edit' (pencil icon) - second tab (Leave)

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