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The Time Clock: pin, rounding, location
The Time Clock: pin, rounding, location
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In these instructions you’ll get a quick introduction to the following topics:

Where can I find a PIN?

A PIN can always be found in the user’s profile.

  • Go to “users”.

  • Click the profile of the user in question.

  • The “personal details” windows opens.

  • You can see the PIN in the top right.

A PIN is always unique, so no two PIN codes can be the same in Strobbo.

A PIN is made up of four digits by default.

Can I change a PIN?

An admin can change a user’s PIN. Staff members and managers cannot change a PIN. Ensure that all PINs have four digits and are unique.
Two users within a single Strobbo environment cannot have the same PIN.

To change the PIN:

  • Go to the field containing the existing PIN

  • Change the PIN

  • Click “Save”.

How do you set up clock rounding?

In this guide you can find how you can set up clock roundings in Strobbo.

Where can I find the clock?

Open your environment and click the clock symbol.

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