If you use Expresso to create dimonas then a direct link can be established between Strobbo and Expresso.

In this manual you will find:

  • Send scheduled work times to expresso

  • Status of working hours

Note: this is not activated by default, if you want it you must ask for it on our chat with support.

When the link is activated you can now add the users to the user group Expresso. How to do this you can read here.

How to send scheduled work times to expresso?

When you schedule an employee for whom the dimona goes through Expresso, you will be notified of this when you send the working hours.

We then distinguish between regular users and Expresso users.

As with the regular users, here you can indicate how you want to send the data to the user. And whether he/she still needs to approve the working time.

Based on those scheduled work hours, Expresso will create a dimona record for the user in their system.

How to check the status of work hours sent

If you want to check the status of the sent working hours, you do so as follows.

  1. Go to Schedule >Workschedules

  2. Click on 'more options'

  3. Click on 'View 3rd party exports'

You will then be given an overview of the items we have sent and the status of the feedback from Expresso.

This always contains:

  • Name of the user

  • The date of the scheduled work time

  • Time = the duration of the working time

  • Status = what is the status of the working time

  • Action = what is happening

  • Messages = more information

Here an overview of the various statuses:

  • Queded - the working time has been created and sent - we are waiting for a response from Expresso

  • Pending - the work time is in the feedback queue - we are waiting for a response from Expresso

  • Ok - the work time has been processed, the dimona has been created you will receive a dimona number back

  • Error - due to a problem the dimona cannot be created. You will always get back a reason for the error. Then make the necessary changes in the profile of the user and send again with the arrows.

!!Attention!! If the user has a foreign bank account number make sure the BIC is also filled in.

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