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Someone forgot to clock out, what now?
Someone forgot to clock out, what now?
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You can find in this article where you can find the clocked in users. 

  1. go to the clocked in users
    Click on the red stopwatch icon.

You can now find the time entry when you click on "Back".
Here you need to change his clock out -time to the correct time.

2. click on the edit icon before the time that needs to be changed
If you don't know how to edit a time entry, you can read this article.

Don't forget to check if the date is correct.

3. Now you can have 2 situations
=> if the person does not need a Dimona registration = > you are done
=> If the person needs a Dimona registration continue reading

Please note that you might need to make changes at the Dimona-registration but always keep the legal-items in mind. 

=> You notice the issue the same day: you are still allowed to change the end time.
You can only change the start time for students , never change the clock in time for Extras or Flexis.
=> You notice the issue one day later , you can only submit a late declaration

4. Adjust the Dimona and send it out again
 If you don't know how to do this please read this article.

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