If you're a client of Securex you can easily import your Strobbo export in HRonline. Attention: your office manager asks to deliver the file (LON) through mail for the first few months. This way he can follow it up closely.
Once everything runs smoothly he'll let you know you can start with HRonline.

You can import the Strobbo export by following the steps below.

Navigate from the home page to the 'Employee data' module.

Then click on 'Related links' and select 'Reading in time registration'.

A second window will open. Click 'Brose' and select the file which you downloaded from Strobbo (LON).

You'll see an overview of all files you need to upload. You can still delete files by clicking the trash can icon.

If there are any errors in the file you'll immediately get a notification. You can make the necessary changes in Strobbo, download a new export and upload it again.

If there are no more errors you can send the payment lines to Securex through 'Actions'.

For more information you can contact our Chat with Support.

Attention: In Securex, not the personnel number but the National Insurance Number is used. So make sure these are correct in Strobbo.

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