At the end of the month you want to pass on your employees working times to your social secretariat.

This is possible by downloading an export from Strobbo and import it on your social secretariats web application.
We have an automatic link for some social secretariats, depending on the social secretariats functionality.

You can follow these steps to export the working times and holidays to your social secretariat:

  1. Make sure the link to your social secretariat is active, as explained in this article.

  2. Choose in the menu for Management - Payroll (if this option is not available, you first need to activate the link, as explained in step 1).

  3. If necessary you can still adjust the period on top.

  4. Click on Reset Data.

  5. Apply the rules when necessary.

  6. Check the details to make sure everything is oke.

Attention: if you pass on less hours than registered by the time entry clock, the text will turn red.

7. Click on 'Payroll export'.
Attention: only data of employees for whom a personnel number was filled in, will be exported (see column Pers. No.).


You can reset the rules for certain statutes without doing this for all your staff members.

The reset data for certain statutes works as follows.

  1. Filter on the statute you want to reset the rules for.

  2. Click on Apply filter

  3. Click on Reset Data.

  4. Select also the other statutes and you can export the whole list.

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