In Strobbo you can let the students/employees digitally sign their contracts. 

You can adjust this digital contract here: choose in the menu for 'Management' - 'Settings', and click on the tab 'Contracts'. 

Je kan het digitaal contract aanpassen in het menu onder het menu 'Beheer' - 'Instellingen' en vervolgens de tab 'Contracten'.
Attention: this option is only available if 'contracts' are activated. If they're not, you can ask our Chat with Support to activate them for you.

This is also where you can set up your signature. More information on signing a digital contract in this article

you can adjust the digital contract by simply clicking directly in the text and to start typing. 

In the text you'll see certain tags in {{ }}. These are fixed tags that will be replaced by variable data when the contract is made.
E.g. {{EMPLOYEE_INSZ}} will be replaced by the employees social security number.
You can see the content of all tags by clicking the button 'Show shortcodes'.

You can copy these shortcodes and paste them in the text to show the data in the contract.
When you're finished adjusting, don't forget to click 'Save' at the bottom.

You can find a pdf in the menu under Management - Contracts. Here you'll see an overview of all contracts. By clicking the 'download icon' at the end of the row (arrow), you can download a pdf file the contract. Under 'Status' you can also see if the contract is signed, rejected...

Here's an example of a complete contract in pdf format:

As you can see, the tags are now replaced by the correct values. For example: the social security number (INSZ) and the address were tags in the template of the contract:

And in the final contract as shown in the pdf, you can see the actual data.

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