When you downloaded the export of Strobbo, you can import that file in Liantis.

Through the website of Liantis as a client you'll have access to the portal. Click on 'My liantis' at the upper right corner.

Then click on 'Wages and holidays' (= Lonen en vakantie).

Choose for 'Time registration files' (= Tijdsregistratiebestanden).

You'll now see the button 'Import new file' (= Nieuw bestand inladen). Click this button and browse to the Strobbo import. Then click on 'Import' (Opladen).

Click on 'Process' (= verwerken) to process the uploaded file.

This processing will check the contents of the file and generate a follow-up list.

The Customer Advisor of Liantis will process the data, complement if necessary, calculate the wages and report.

If you see any errors, you can ask Chat with Support to help you.

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