To run the calendar import to Expresso (Vesta) smoothly, the steps below need to be carried  out each month.

1. Check if the National Insurance number of the employees is set
The National Insurance number needs to be filled in, this is the number which we link to the payroll engine.

2. Prepare your employee data for importing the contracts:IMPORTANT!

A. There are 3 kinds of data needed from Strobbo, so please make sure these are filled in:

  • The payroll category (field in personnel page)

  • Function title (field in personnel page) (if this is empty, in default 'event employee' will be used)

  • Cost center: you don't need to fill this in since we will use the title of the work area from the schedule.

B. Make sure all employees already exist in Expresso and that they have at least 1 contract (= Dimona) in Expresso, since this contract will be used to copy data for the next contracts.

This is a manual on how you can add a new user:

This is a manual on how you can create a Dimona:

C. Check if in Expresso the field 'Employed' of the employees is filled in, when it's not it might be possible that the import will create extra employee rows.

3. Import the contracts in ExpressoA. Log in in Expresso
B. Go to the import page.
If this link isn't available, please notify your social secretariat.

C. Import the data.

D. If there are any issues you can check the logging.
If you can't see the function logs on your home screen, you can request these rights from your social secretariat.

4. Make an export of the presentations ready in Strobbo.

Log in in Strobbo and export under Management - Payroll.
Do you want to be sure everything is going well? You can read this manual.

Save the file which you export on your computer.

5. Import performances in Expresso. Go to 'import performances fixed' (Import prestaties vast).

B. Import the performances, select the employer, period, click on 'Upload file' and then on 'Import'.

6. Look at the performances after they're imported, check them and then send them to the social secretariat.

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