To run the calendar import to Easy Online (example of social secretariat LWB) smoothly, the steps below need to be carried  out each month.

  1. Check if the personnel number of Easy Online is filled in Strobbo 

You can find the correct employee number in Easy Online. Click on 'employees', click on the employee from whom you're searching the number. The nr. WKN is the one you need to enter in Strobbo.  

When the number is not filled in Strobbo you won't be able to import the data. Filling in this number is possible in the menu under Management - Users and then 'Personnel overview'.

You need to add employees if they're not yet known in Easy Online. In Easy Online you need to fill in all blue fields to reach a correct processing of the payrolls.

When adding an employee in Easy Online, he/she will automatically receive an employee number. Fill in this number in Strobbo.

2 . Make an export file in Strobbo

Log in in Strobbo and make the export in the menu under Management - Social Secretariat. Do you want to be sure everything is going well? You can read this manual.

Save the file which you export on your computer.

3. Import the data in Easy Online

Log in in Easy Online and click on 'My performance status' (= Mijn Prestatiestaten)

Click on the yellow 'Import' button on the bottom right.

Click on 'Choose file (= Bestand kiezen). Navigate to the export file which you just saved and 'import'. 

The file type which you're supposed to import is a LOSKIDIP. 

Your performances are now imported in the calendars, check if the results are as expected.

If you see an error that you still need to approve performances, go to 'My performance status' (= Mijn prestatiestaat) and click on the right under the green button on 'Approve' (= Goedkeuren). You need to approve all performances before you can send them. 

If everything is approved, a green check mark will appear after the name of the employees. 

If you see an error that you still need to send the performances? Send them with the blue button 'Send' (= Verzenden).

If you sent everything correctly, you'll see a green frame.

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