At the end of the month you want to pass on your employees worked hours to your social secretariat.

This is possible by downloading an export from Strobbo and import it on your social secretariats web application.
We have an automatic link for some social secretariats, depending on the social secretariats functionality.

To activate this link, you first need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact our Chat with Support and inform us on which social secretariat you want to link and what your client number (= employer number) is in your social secretariat.

  2. Ask a list of your most used working time/- holiday codes.

  3. Enter the working time codes as explained in this article.

  4. Enter the holiday codes as explained in this article.

  5. Retrieve your employees' personnel numbers/IDs in your social secretariat (or ask for a list).

  6. Link these numbers to your personnel, as explained in this article.

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