At the end of the month you want to pass on your employees worked hours to your social secretariat.

This is possible by downloading an export from Strobbo and import it on your social secretariats web application.
We have an automatic link for some social secretariats, depending on the social secretariats functionality.

To pass on the working times, we need to make a link between our personnel record and your social secretariats personnel record.

Follow these steps to make this link:

  1. Ask your social secretariat for a list of your personnel IDs.

  2. Choose in the menu for Management - Users.

  3. Click on the blue 'edit icon' of an employee.

  4. Go to the tab of your establishment.

  5.  Fill in the field 'Personnel number'.

  6. Click on the green button 'Save' at the bottom.

7. Click on the arrow at the top to go to the next employee.

Attention: for SD Worx we will provide the personnel numbers, which you will need to fill in in SD Worx as 'entry number' (=tiknummer).
Attention: for Payroll the personnel number needs seven numbers. E.g. the personnel number 283 in Strobbo needs to become 0000283 in Payroll.

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