In Strobbo you can keep track of the leave balance of the different leave types of your employees.

You can change the leave balance like this:

  1. Choose in the menu for Management - Users.

  2. Click on the 'edit icon' of the employee for whom you want to adjust the leave balance.

  3. Click on the 2nd tab: leave.

If the desired leave type is not yet in the list, you can add it by clicking 'Assign leave' at the bottom.

Fill in the hours and click on 'Confirm'.

Hint: If you can't find a leave type, you first have to add this. More information on adding a leave type in this article.

If the leave type is in the list, click on the 'edit icon' to change the leave balance of a certain type of leave. Fill in the balance and click on 'Confirm'.

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