In Strobbo it is possible to send your planned employees to Dimona with 1 simple click. With Strobbo, not only Dimona declarations but also Dimona updates and annulations can be send.

To use these options, you first need to give permission to Strobbo to do the Dimona declarations for your company. This is possible on the Social Security website.

You can allow Strobbo to do the Dimona declarations for your company by following these steps:

  1. Log in with this url: (Site only available in Dutch, German and French)

  2. Click on 'log in' (= zich aanmelden).

3. Choose the option which you'd like to use. (Log in with eID/with token/with a code)

4. Click on 'Next' (= Verdergaan).
 (you will only see steps 4 - 6 if you chose “eID”)

5. Click on 'OK'.

6. Choose 'Employer RSZ Administrator' (= Werkgever RSZ-Beheerder).

7. Click on the icon on the right of your name.

8. Click on 'Employer RSZ' (= Werkgever RSZ).

9. Click on 'Structured messages (= Gestructureerde berichten).

10. Click on 'Save configuration data' (= De configuratiegegevens opslaan).

Click on 'Next' (=Volgende).

11. Enter your data.

12. Upload the 2 files of Strobbo, which you can download here:

These are the files publickey and Innovate_IT_personel.cer

13. Check the 'Dimona V2' box.

14. Choose your Dimona Users name (= Gebruikersnaam). You can choose this freely, but you should choose a name related to your company name without spaces or special characters! 

15. Click on 'Confirm (= bevestigen).

16. The last screen you will see is this one:

Make a screenshot* of it and send it via e-mail together with your VAT number to or directly to you contact person if you're still in the onboarding phase.

     * To make a screenshot you can use the windows snipping tool:

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