If you don't have the necessary rights on the website of Social Security, you can set this up yourself. For this procedure you will need your passport or the app itsme ins

1. Go to CSAM.be

2. Click on 'Get Started under 'Management of access managers'

3. Click on 'Appointing a chief access manager'

4. Click on the button under 'Standard procedure'

5. Log in with e-Id (passport) or itsme app on your smartphone

6. Enter your company number.

7.  Enter your e-mail and phone number and click on 'Next'

8. Confirm the Conditions and Requirements and click on 'confirm'. 

Don't have a Belgian e-ID passport? Then after you've clicked on the procedure on step 4, continue here:

Fill in your national number, first name, name and your TVA number and click on "Registring my company with CSAM"

Choose your name under "Chief access manager", fill in your mailaddress and phone number and click Next: 

Tick the box "Yes, I agree" and click on the button "Confirm":

To finalise your request, you should download and print out de PDF file, sign the paper and send it via regular mail to the address appearing on your page right now.

You will get notified once it's ready.

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