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Where to find the balances

You can find the leave balances via:

  • Management

  • Users

  • Open the profile of the employee via the pencil behind his name

  • Leave

How you can show history

If you have several years of data in Strobbo, you can show this via the blue button
" Show History".

The balances of the past years appear. If you want to hide this, click on "hide history".

How you can grant leave

You can adjust the balances via the green button "Assign leave".

You use this button when the user does not yet have a certain type of holiday.

For example at the start of a new calendar year.

  • Choose the correct leave type

  • Enter the Initial balance (in hours);

  • Enter the balance (in hours)

  • Click on save

Difference between opening and current balance

  • The opening balance or initial balance is the balance with which the employee starts;

  • The balance is the current balance after the transactions.

For example

Someone has 152 hours of vacation. Then that is his initial balance and balance. If he takes an 8-hour day's vacation, his initial balance is still 152, however, his balance drops to 144.

Adjusting the balance

If you want to change the balance of an existing holiday type

  • Click on the pencil behind the relevant type.

  • A pop-up window will open.

  • Here you make the necessary adjustments

  • Click on save.

View transactions

If you want to view the transactions of a certain type, click on the list symbol behind the relevant type.

You get an overview of the transactions.

Click on close if you want to close this box.

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