What can you find in the user profile:

Personal data

The fields with (required) after must be completed. In the first tab you will find:

  • Personal data such as:
    - First name and name
    - Display name: the name you see on the schedule
    - Type of employee: the difference between these can be found here
    - Email: used to log in
    - National register number: required to activate dimona
    - Mobile phone and telephone number

    The more details you enter here, the easier it is to reach your employee. In addition, some fields are required here.

  • Information
    Date of birth, place of birth, country of birth, gender, IBAN and BIC, highest diploma and nationality obtained.
    All non-mandatory fields.

  • PIN
    The code with which the employer can register his times. Only an admin can change it.

  • Work
    Non-mandatory fields such as work card number, card type, end date, work permit type and work permit end date.

  • Family
    Non-mandatory fields about the employee's family status. This includes the name of the partner and an emergency number.

  • Address
    You can enter both the normal and residential address here. If you work with students, it is best to complete this, because we will take this over on the student contract.


  • Here you can choose whether you want to show the employer in the deviation register.
    Please note if you use our time registration, a deviation register is no longer applicable.

  • Automatically approve working hours: the employee no longer needs to approve his working hours if this is checked.

  • Superadmin: if you are a superadmin yourself, you can create another superadmin.
    Please note the superadmin function is not active in all environments for security reasons.

  • Can view wages: if the person is allowed to view and change wages, this is checked.

  • None, email, text message or both: if you send the planning you can select which choice you want. If you do not want the employee to be notified, select none. If you want him to receive an email or text message, choose 1 of the 2. You can also select both.
    This choice is remembered when the planning is sent.
    Note: sending text messages in Strobbo costs 0.10 € per text message sent.


If your environment consists of multiple locations, you can assign them to the user here.

You can also see to which locations the user is linked.

Select the correct headquarters for correct holiday registration.

You add the location via the blue plus sign.

Select the correct location and click on add.

If the user has already attached all branches to his profile, you will receive the message "all workspaces have already been added"


This option is only available for students. They can also view their contracts here (eye icon) and download them (arrow) if necessary.


You can also add attachments to the profile.

You can add an attachment via the blue plus sign.

  • A pop up will open.

  • Select the correct file, fill in the necessary fields

  • Choose the security level.

  • Click on add.

If the security level is set to everyone, the user can download the file himself (arrow) and view it (eye icon).


How to upload balances and all details about this tab you can read here.

Information per location

In this tab you can find a lot of required fields:

You can also select per location which work areas should be selected for this employee. Check the work areas where the employee can be scheduled.

Set the default employee availability. The standard availability is used to prepare the schedule.

  • Move the blue balloons to the start and end time.

  • Choose the correct break at the back.

Please note: the employee cannot adjust this. This availability can be overruled by extra availability.

Unlinking an establishment

Do you want to disconnect someone from a location? This can be done via the profile of the user in the tab of the relevant location.

At the bottom you will find the red button, under the availability.

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