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Add new user

Please note this can only be done by an admin.
To add a user, you go via:

  • Management;

  • Users;

  • Add employee.

If you press the green button "add employee", the following pop-up will appear.

  • You can enter the data manually;

  • You can upload the file from eID.

    Please note You can leave the national register number blank, but then we cannot send dimona's via Strobbo.

  • Once you have completed the data, click on "add".

Note: If your environment consists of different locations, you choose to which location you should add the user and then choose another main location.

A new screen will appear, in this screen you can enter all data.

  • The fields marked (required) must of course be completed.

  • You fill in the necessary information;

  • You click on "save" at the top right.

Edit an existing profile

If you want to edit an existing profile, you can do this via:

  • Management;

  • Users;

  • Click the line of the user you want to open.

  • The selected profile will open.

The button "more actions"

Click the button more actions

  • If you work with SD Worx: activate the sync for this user,

  • Reset the password for the employee;

  • Deactivate the employee;

  • Upload the eID.

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