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How to search for a user

The users are divided into 3 tabs active:

  • the active users

  • inactive: the deactivated users

  • all: both active and inactive users

If you are unsure whether someone is nearby, be sure to search in the ALL tab.

You can search for a user in the search bar at the top right by entering the name. When you start typing the search engine starts, so you don't need to type the full name.

You can also use filters in this overview. You can filter by

  • display name,

  • name,

  • type (admin, chef, staff)

  • or last logged in.

If you choose something, an automatic search is started. You don't have to press anything extra.

The filter is on when an option appears below the word "filter". In our example, we searched for the Chef type.

You can delete a filter via the red button "reset filters" or via the cross behind the relevant filter.

What does the button more actions do

You can also click on the button "more actions" at the top right

Via this button you can assign a work area or availability.

Assign employees to a work area

If you choose to "assign to a work area" via the "more actions" button, a popup will appear.

Here you can select the location and the work area.

You will then receive a list of employees under the work area.

A check mark in front of the name means that this person is associated with the work area.

If you want to remove someone from a work area, remove the check mark.

After this action, click on "assign" if the system is allowed to remember this.

You will see when you change something, the "assign" button will turn green.

Assign availability

When you click on "assign availability" via the button "more actions", the following pop up opens.

You can assign the standard availabilities via this button.

Note: A staff member cannot change standard availabilities. This can only be done by an admin.

The default availability used by the system is used by the system to determine when a staff member can come to work. This information is therefore used when drawing up the planning.

You set the default availability as follows:

  • Select the correct company;

  • Select the correct location;

  • Check the employee (s) for whom you want to set availability;

  • Check the day (s) for which you want the availability to be overwritten;

  • Drag the blue balloons to the correct start and end time, drag them to the left for days where the employees are not available;

  • Enter the necessary pause;

  • Click on assign

Add an employee

Next to the button "more actions" you will also find the button "add employee".
If you want to add an employee, click here.

Following popup will appear.

  • You can place the .eID file here or open it from your PC / Mac.

  • Or you can fill in the fields.
    Not all these fields are mandatory.

    Please note If you do not have the national register number, you cannot make dimona declarations for this person via Strobbo.

  • Then click on add.

The profile of the user opens automatically and you can add the necessary information. You will also find the pin code here. When you have added something, click on "save" at the top right.

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