To activate the link with Lightspeed, you have to give Strobbo access to the Lightspeed data. The steps for this are described below

1) Log in to your Strobbo-account

2) Go to Management > Settings > EXTRA

If you have multiple workspaces, they will all appear in the list

3) Click on the icon at the back of the workspace for which you want to set up the link

!! Attention !! If under "Is authorized" there is already a check mark, this workspace is already authorized and you don't have to do this again!

4) A pop-up appears to ask if you want to overwrite the current Lightspeed Authorization.

Make sure you have selected the correct workspace. In the picture below we see an example for 'Antwerp'.

5) The Lightspeed page opens now. Here you can login with your email and Lightspeed password.

6) Click on 'Allow' if you want Strobbo to receive the details of Lightspeed.

7) The next page will appear:

You can just close this.

8) When you return to you Strobbo account you will see that a check mark appears under "is authorized" for the workspace you have chosen.

9) Please inform the Strobbo team that you have taken care of the above. You can contact or chat with support for this.

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