Recently the new social secretariat screen was launched. However, it still works the same. In this article we explain a bit about the new page.

Just like the last page you'll still have to set the filters correctly.
After correctly setting the filters you can 'reset' the page. This reset-button is the red button on the upper right.

To apply the rules, click on the button 'Apply rules' on the top. For Liantis (ADMB) clients the button 'Contracts' is also still available.

Click on the green button 'Payroll export' when you're ready to export.
This is the file you need to deliver to your social secretariat.

The only thing that changed is that you can go to another page at the bottom. If you think data is missing you best use the arrows.

We added extra information: the week total. This is how you can quickly see deviations on the standard amount of contracthours.

Furthermore we added a search function. You can search on just about everything: pay code, personnel number...

The option 'Show only warnings' is also new. If you check this box, you'll only see the rows on which the rules weren't correctly applied.

Under the search option, you can see the letters R, E and OK. When the box of R is checked, this means that a rule has been applied on this row. When the box of E is checked, it means the row has been exported. The option OK is purely informative for yourself.

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