In Strobbo you can set up per employee if his/her overtime needs to be tracked or not. This option exists because you might not need to track everyone's overtime, for example only for permanent employees and not for students.

You can find information on how the overtime is calculated in this article.
If you already have the new user view, please click here for directions.

You can set up for which employee the overtime needs to be tracked by following these steps:

  1. Choose in the menu for Management - Users.

  2. Select the employee

  3. Choose the tab of your establishment.

  4. On your right you will see the option "track overtime", select this option.

  5. Enter from when the overtime or negative time will start to count.

  6. Click on "save"

Hint: When you set up for example 38 and 38, when this week the employee works 38:05, 5 minutes overtime will be calculated. When the employee works 37:55 hours, 5 negative hours will be calculated.
So when you set the negative hours to 37 and the overtime to 39, nothing will be calculated if that employee works 38:05.

Attention: you need admin rights to set up the negative hours and overtime.

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