Sometimes you need to change a lot of data for a single employee, but sometimes you need to change data for a lot of employees.

That's why we made a useful online Excel overview for you. You can go to this overview like this:

  1. Choose in the menu for Management - Users.

  2. Choose for 'Excel View"

3. You can now see our Excel overview.

In some fields you can type, like in the field street and number.

In other fields you can choose from options when you click on the drop down list.

In other fields you can start typing and options will appear.

4. You can copy/paste fields.
Please note that unlike Excel, you cannot flush cells.

5. Changes are automatically saved.
You will see this message appear at the top.

6. If something is wrong, the field will turn red.

7. There is a 2-part division the tab with the personal data and one with the company data.

8. You can filter on actieve/inactive users.

9. You can also search on certain parts of a word in the search bar.

If you wan to print this overview, please read this manual.

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