1. Choose in the menu for Schedule - Work schedules.
2. Choose a day or week for which you want to make a schedule and click on 'confirm'.
3. On the upper right you can switch between day view and week view.

Day view

1. Click on the 'Change' button of the desired day.
2. On the upper right you can switch between an overview with sliders or with lists.
3. Choose which personnel you want to plan under 'personnel', fill in the correct hours and click at the bottom on 'Save'.

Week view

1. Choose in the list on the right which personnel you want plan and drag them to the desired day.
Hint: While dragging, the work areas where the personnel can work will turn green, and where he/she can's work will turn red.
2. Drag the box with the desired hours to the day on which you want to plan the personnel.
3. When you're finished, click on 'Send working hours' at the bottom. Only then will the schedule become visible to the personnel.

An open working time is an option in the day view as well as the week view. When you plan an open working time you personnel receives a notification that you're searching someone to work on that moment. If you check the box 'Urgent', even e.g. personnel on leave will receive the notification. The first person to respond will be planned.

It's also possible to make one or more templates of you schedule and load them. More information on making templates in this article.

To export your schedule to Excel, click in the week view at the bottom om the button 'Excel'. You planning will automatically be downloaded.

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