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Time Entry: How do I clock in and out?
Time Entry: How do I clock in and out?
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This guide covers the following topics:

Where can I find my PIN?

You can find your PIN:

Via desktop

  • Log in to the Strobbo desktop app.

  • Go to the main menu, then to “Profile” – “Edit data”

  • Your PIN is on the right side of the screen.

    Please note: As a user, you cannot edit your PIN yourself.

Via app

  • Log in to the Strobbo app.

  • At the bottom of the app screen, click “more”.

  • Click “Profile”.

  • Then, click “PIN”.

How do I clock in and out?

If your employer has a tablet or computer with the application open, you can simply input your PIN on the clock screen.

1. Enter your PIN
First, type in your code.
Then, click “Enter”.

2. Select the branch/location, if requested
If there are multiple branches in the environment and you are not planned in, you’ll see a question asking you to select the correct branch.

When you select the branch, the following pop-up appears. To clock in, you can now press “OK”.

3. Press “OK”.

Unless you have to sign a contract, you are now clocked in. If you do need to sign a contract, view the example here.

4. You are clocked in.

5. When you want to clock out, go back to the clock screen.
Now, input your PIN again.

The following screen appears. To clock out, choose “Clock out”.

6. After clocking out, you will see an overview of your shift.


Are you a student? Or is your employer working with addenda? Or do you need to provide your signature for a permitted absence? Then, you’ll also see the contracts when you clock in.

An extra pop-up will appear after Step 3 (See how do I clock in and out?).
Simply fill in your signature and click “Sign and send”.


If you need to register your breaks, your employer should tell you about this.

Once you are clocked in, you can register a break as follows:

  • Go to the clock screen.

  • Enter your PIN.

  • Choose “Break” instead of “Clock out”.

  • The following screen appears:

  • Ready to go back to work? Simply go back to the clock screen and enter your PIN.

  • The following screen appears:

  • You have successfully clocked in again and are officially at work.


If you try to clock in and out within 15 minutes, you’ll see this warning message.

You can click “No” here if you don’t want to clock out and you’ll stay clocked in.

It is important that you clock in and out correctly because the Dimonas are linked to our clock.

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