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New Time entry overview: overtime, closing the week, adding and adjusting clock-ins
New Time entry overview: overtime, closing the week, adding and adjusting clock-ins
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These instructions give you an overview of the functions on the clock overview screen.

Where can I find the clock overview?

Find the clock overview via:

  • Planning

  • Time Entry Overview

This screen is accessible to both admins and chefs.

A user can also view their own clock-ins via “My Schedule” – “My Time Entry overview”.

How do I calculate overtime?

To calculate overtime you first need to set this up in the relevant user’s profile.

  • Go to users

  • Click on the user

  • Go to the branch tab

  • Click “Track overtime”

  • Fill in the minimum and maximum.

  • Click save

  • Then, go to the “Time Entry overview”

  • Click "Actions" and choose “Close week”
    Tip: always double-check all clock-ins from the previous week

  • The overtime is automatically calculated and inserted in the user’s profile.
    Tip: You can view the balance in the “Leave” tab in the user’s profile or in the “Leave balances” screen under “Absences and availability”.

Closing the week

Closing a week ensures that the overtime for this week is calculated. You do this as follows:

  • Go to “Planning” – “Time Entry overview”

  • You’ll see the “Actions” button at the top.

  • If you click on it, you see two options, “Export to Excel” and “Close week”.
    If the week isn’t completely finished you can’t select “Close week” yet.

  • If the week is finished, you should double-check all registrations again and then close the week.

  • Click “Close week”.
    The system asks if you are sure. Click YES to close the week.
    Note: if you still need to edit an absence, the schedule or a clock-in, you should click NO and do this first.

  • You will receive the above notification to let you know that a week has been closed.

How do you reopen a week?
Via our chat, we can set up which user types have the option of reopening a week. If you would like a chef to be able to do this too, just drop us a message.
As standard this can only be done by admins.
Admins can do this via the “Actions” button.

Where can I find clocked-in personnel?

Find the clocked-in personnel via

  • the homepage

    • On the right, you’ll see “notifications”

    • Click here on “Clocked-in users”

    • Click here.

  • the Time Entry Overview

    • click on "running entries"

The overview of running entries allows you to:

  • edit a registered clock-in using the pencil symbol

  • clock-out a user with the red stopwatch button

    Please note: the Dimona will not be updated when you clock-out the user this way.

    How do I add a registration manually?

  • To add a clock-in:

    • Go to “Planning” – “Time Entry overview”

    • Click “Add entry”.

    • The following pop-up appears:

      You can now add the clock-in

      • Use the employee’s name to search in this screen.

      • Select the required day.

      • Choose a start and end time.

      • Choose the right department if there are multiple.

      • You can still add a comment if necessary.

      • Click “Add”.

      Then, you can add the break.

      • Click “Add”.

      • Choose the start and end time of the break.

      • Click “Save”.

How do I adjust a time registration?

You can edit an existing clock-in by clicking on the line of the entry you want to adjust.

The following pop-up will open.
You can now edit the times or add a break. Then, click “Save”.

If edits have been made, this is indicated by the exclamation mark in the triangle.

Click on the triangle to see the edit details


You can filter the clock by:

  • Name

  • Statute

  • Clocked in (date)

  • Workspace

  • Manual: whether you manually added the clock-in (yes) or it was registered via the clock (no).

    If you have selected a certain filter and you switch between weeks or you edit a time entry the filter will remain selected.

On top of the overview you can see which filter you have selected.

Exporting to Excel

There are two export options for the clock overview.

The first includes the clock-ins from the current week, the second is for a custom period.

You do this as follows:

  • Click “Actions”.

  • Click “Export to Excel”.

Select the desired export and the date if required.

  • Click “Export”.

  • Click on the arrow to download the file to your computer.

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