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My Time Entry Overview
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You can find an overview of the times you have worked at:

“My schedule” – “Time entry overview”.

At the top of the page you always get an overview of the following information:

  • the week number

  • the number of hours planned

  • the number of hours worked

  • your overtime amount

  • your leave balance

You can navigate to another week on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Simply click on the date.

  • The calendar opens.

  • Select the desired week.

The overview contains the following information:

  • your name

  • the time that you clocked in

  • the time that you clocked out

  • your total time worked

  • any breaks

  • if you were scheduled, you will see your scheduled hours here; if you see N/A, you were not scheduled

  • if you were scheduled you can see if you were late; if you were not scheduled you will see N/A here

  • the work area in which you were scheduled; if you were not scheduled you will see N/A here

  • the company you worked at

If you forget to clock in, your employer can register the hours manually.
You will then see a tick mark next to “Manually”.

If there is an orange triangle at the end of an entry, your employer has made an edit. Clicking on the triangle allows you to view this edit.

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