!!Attention!! If you want to add absence based on planning, this must be activated in your environment.

If you don't have the option 'based on planning', please ask support to activate this for you.

You'll find this by going to: Schedule > Absence & Availability > add absence

Absence based on planning

The allocation of absence hours is determined by the planning in Strobbo. You need to use our planning module to use this option.

If there is no planning for the staff member in question in that period, no absence can be given via this method.

You go to: Schedule > Absence & Availability > add absence

  1. Select the desired days for the absence.

  2. Select the correct staff member.

  3. Select the correct type of absence.

  4. Select 'based on planning'

  5. You will see the hours per day that the staff member is scheduled.

  6. Click on confirm.

If a planning is found, an absence will be added for the staff member.

Attention: if there is no planning in the system, the following error message appears.

You can solve this by adding the planning for the days in question.

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