An addendum is a temporary change in the condition of the contract, such as for changing a statute or hours of work per week.

The following information can be found in this manual:

  • Where to find the addenda

  • Settings behind

  • Adding an addenda

  • The impact on the planning

  • The impact on time registration

  • The impact on the payroll screen

An addendum can be signed by the employee via the timeregistration.

Where to find the addenda ?

You can find the addenda under Administration - Addenda.

You don't see this? That means that the addendum module is not activated yet, if you want to activate it, please give a call on our support.

As an admin, you can add an addendum here via the green "add addendum" button. You can also download an addendum via the download icon (at actions)

Settings behind

The Strobbo employee still needs to activate some settings for you before you can use the addenda module.

First think about what you want, do you want for example:

  • Addenda based on the calendar.

  • Manual + planning = then you can also add an addendum yourself as administrator (see below).

  • Negative addendum = addendum for a lower number of working hours per week than normal.

  • Possibility to create an addendum in the past?

  • What is the maximum number of hours per week for which an addendum can be made.

  • Do you only want addenda for certain statutes?

  • From how many additional hours do you want an addendum (= the threshold amount) ?

  • Do you want the employee to be able to clock in only when signing the addendum, or also without a mandatory signature?

  • Do you want the status to be changed when you exceed the maximum number of addendum hours?

  • To which e-mail address should we send the notification when an addendum is created?

  • To which e-mail address should we send the notification when an employee refuses his addendum.

Adding an addenda

Go to management - addenda .

Click on the green "add addendum" button.

Then a pop-up window will open where you can enter the necessary details.

Here you must:

  • select an employee;

  • select a company;

  • choose when the addendum applies;

  • choose the applicable status;

  • select the number of working hours per week.

When you click on add, the addendum will be added

The impact on the planning

If you want an addendum to be made to a schedule we will make these addenda based on the preferences as set. (see above)

When you send the working times you will immediately get an overview of which addenda have been made.

Check everything and press next.

Attention If you still want to edit the addendum, you can do so with the pencil behind the generated addendum.

You make the adjustments and click "save".

The impact on time registration

When calculating overtime, we take into account the status and work hours per week of the last created and signed adddenda/addendum of that week.

This also applies when closing and reopening the week and updating the overtime counter.

The impact on the payroll screen

For each user, there is an additional row with the statutes and the work hours per week of the addendum/addenda that must be taken into account that particular week.

We also take the above factors into account when applying the rules

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