Since today, you can also update the holiday balances based on your payroll calculation.

There are 2 steps in this process:

  1. Setting the payroll closure rules

  2. Closure of the payroll period

1 The setting of the payroll closure rules

Because the settings of the payroll closure rules can be complex, we would like to support you while setting things up:

  • Don't hesitate to ask your consultant for help with the settings of the payroll closure. Send him/her an e-mail.

  • You don't remember who your consultant was? "Chat with support" will assist you with settings these rules up.

    • Attention: This is only possible if "Extra" is visible when you navigate to "Settings". If it's not visible for you, don't forget to mention this while addressing "Chat with support".

2 Closure of the payroll period

If you want to apply the above, please take 2 steps into account:

  • The generated balances are kept in Strobbo and are not automatically forwarded to your payroll administration centre

  • You can only apply the closure after applying the rules and possibly making corrections.

  • Once a period has been closed, you can no longer make any changes.

The button "close period" should be visible in the payroll screen.

Attention: You cannot close future days. So if you filter, you always set the current date at the end date.

If you click on "close period" you will get the following message at the top.

Click on "Ok".

You can recognise a closed period by the orange bar that appears in the payroll screen.

If you still find an error in a period that has already been closed, you must reopen the period before you can make the corrections.

Please note that if you have to do this too often, the changes in the counters will no longer be clear because the balances will be updated each time you close/reopen.

You can check the granted balance via the user's profile.

  • Via the leave tab

  • Click on the magnifying glass behind the type in question.

Here is another example of an updated balance. So now you know how to check whether it has actually worked.

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