Please note that if you want to use NowJobs this has to be activated by us, just ask us on our support.

To activate the link with NowJobs, you have to give Strobbo access to Nowjobs. The steps for this are described below.

1) Log in to your Strobbo-account

2) Go to Management > Settings > Extra

3) Click on "NowJobs".
If you don't see the option "NowJobs or Extra" please contact our chat. We will activate this for you so you can continue.

If you want to authorize the link for a certain workspace, click on the lock at the back of this workspace.

4) A pop-up opens
Here you can log in with your NowJobs credentials .

Click on "Authorize".

5) You will notice that a checkmark appears under "is authorized", if there is not yet a checkmark, please notify our chat with support.

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