Step-by-step plan to enroll a fingerprint to a GT10 time clock.

Below you can find an example of the homescreen on a GT10 clock. You have two options:

  • Scan the finger to clock in/out

  • Tap on the screen for more options

When you tap on the screen you have to identify yourself by entering your PINcode or fingerprint.

After identification the screen will show two buttons, depending on your rights in Strobbo.

  • Ondertekenen/enrolling: For everybody; through this butte you can surf to your Strobbo page.

  • Biometrie/biometric: Only for admins; through this button you can enroll new fingerprints


  • Step 1: Enter the pincode from the employee which you want to enroll.
    If you want to enroll your own finger (admin), you have to enter your own pincode.

  • Step 2: You will land on the biometric page. Here you will see employee information, his/hers pincode and how many fingers are already enrolled.

  • Step 3: You can click on the fingerprint button in the down right corner to enroll a new fingerprint.

  • Step 4: Accept the Privacy Policy

  • Step 5: By clicking on the circle above a certain finger, you will indicate that you want to enroll that finger.

  • Step 6: Enroll finger
    Press your finger on the scanner 3 times. Lift your finger in between and press on an other side.

The system will ask if you want to enroll other fingers. If you're done, you can click on "SAVE".

  • Step 7: The profile page of the employee will reappear. Press on the button "Apply changes". The employee/finger is now enrolled.

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