If you want to give more than 1 person a holiday, you can do so through our new function "collective leave".

Please note that you cannot activate this yourself. You should check this with our Chat with Support and we will activate this for you.

  1. Go to "Schedule" - Absences and availability 

  2. In calendar view you click on "add absence"

  3.  Click on the blue text "do you want to add leave for several employees?" 

4. Select the week / weeks.
   Choose the correct type (the absence type)
   Choose the correct method (Based on planning / full day / half day / custom)
   Click on "further"

5. You can now select which employees this collective leave applies to.
    You can use the filter by name or status.
     When you have checked everyone, you can then click "further".

6. You will receive an overview of the number of hours of the type of absence that the persons are allocated. In addition, you will also see their balance.
Click on "confirm and take leave".

7. Click on "confirm and create holidays" 

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