When  desired, you can import your planned revenue into the Strobbo.
If you are interested in this, you must request the activation of this feature on the Chat with Support.

Note: this is only possible for "superadmins".

  1. You can download the Excel file here that you need to make the import.

    2. You enter the "Workspace Name" or "Workspace reporting code".

It is important that the date is entered correctly, otherwise no records will be imported. In addition, the "planned revenue" is mandatory, the "actual revenue" is optional. That "planned revenue" ensures that the hours to be planned are calculated.

You will find the "Workspace Name" and "Workspace reporting code" under: "Management - Settings - Location".

If you have not entered the Report Code (= Cost Center), you can do so yourself by clicking on the pencil in front of the location. You enter the code  and press "edit".

3. You can then enter the excel and then you can start importing.

You go to "Work schedules", select the week that you want to import. You can then import thanks to the "Turnover import" button. You can find this under the work schedule.

4. When the turnover has been imported you will be notified that the import was successful at the bottom left of your screen, as you can see in the screenshot below.

5. You will then find the planned turnover when you click on "Add working day and turnover info" above the planning.

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