If you change your social secretariat, you also need to make changes in Strobbo.

Changing entails 3 major changes.

Step 1: Inform the Strobbo- team
 We always advise you to inform us in time. What you should definitely let us know is the following:

  • the name of your new social secretariat

  • your employer ID at the social secretariat

If you work with Liantis, we will also have to activate something extra for you for smooth payroll processing. You can read this here.

We also need your office code for Liantis and Acerta.

Step 2: change the vacation and working time types
In addition, there are also things that you can arrange yourself:

  • Adjust the codes of the holiday types, if you don't know how,  please use this link. 

  • Adjust the codes of the Workting types, the procedure is the same. Just click on the edit icon and change the reporting code. 

Step 3: change the personnel numbers

The personnel numbers must also be changed. There are often different rules per social secretariat.

  • If you switch to SD Worx, we will generate the personnel numbers for you. You need these numbers to export the performance to MyPayroll at the end of the month. Be sure to read the following manual too.

  • If you switch to Group S or Securex, you must use the National Register number.

  • In all other cases you can change the personnel number via

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