What is the quota?
Each student is allowed to work 475 hours per year against reduced social contributions. The 475 hours is called the quota. It does not matter at which employer (s) he / she performs those hours, which is 475 hours the total number of hours that the student can work on reduced solidarity contributions.

Your student can look for the performed amount of hours in his application "Student@work". We can not add this quota in Strobbo because we only have details of his work at your company. 

First option: You don't change anything

You can continue to send Dimonas of the "STU - Hour" type for the student, and if you arrange the contracts  you have to have them signed.
This is 100% legal, but it is not the cheapest solution.

Second option: change him into an EXTRA

ATTENTION; this is only for hospitality: Just like any other person, a student may also do occasional work in the hospitality industry.
This option is cheaper than the first because your social contributions are calculated at a lower amount.

He is allowed to work 50 days as an Extra.

Please note you have to change his statut and dimona-type! 

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