When you have downloaded the export from Strobbo you can import the file into Acerta Connect.
You go to the link.

When you have logged in you can click on "Accerta Connect".

Then you can retrieve the necessary data from the profile of the employee under "Employees" - "Persons".

Whay you definitely need to do here is to open contracts and indicate everywhere under "Working time" - "Type of working time" - "Variable (with time registration)" or "Fix (wit time registration)".

At "Changes apply from" you fill in the same date as the starting date of the agreement:

And don't forget to do this for every agreement per person that already exists that month (via Previous and Next in the blue bar you can go to the other contracts):

This, you only have to do once (per person), all the next contracts will automatically be created with the same settings.

Next, click on : new import

You then choose:

Data: Calendars STD
Import definition: Calendars - Text File - Acerta Standard
File: the file you exported from Strobbo.
Then click on "next".

You will also find an overview under import management. If you want to process this, click on "import". 

The check marks in the front now change to arrows.

You can view the details of whether the working time types are correct via the "Performance" and Calendar.

An example : 

Then click on "New Pay Order".

And you choose the right items in the box below:

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