You can use the fixed work schedule option in Strobbo. This fixed work schedule ensures that in case of absences you can easily get the correct number of hours.

If the new version of the user view is installed, please follow this manual.

You can find this under: "Management" under "Users". Then click with the pencil in front of the name of the user you want to select.

Then click on the tab of the BVBA.
You can choose between "fixed workschedule" or "Total #hours per week"

For total hours per week: the person has a variable timetable. When we start allocating holidays, the system will divide the number of working hours per week by 5. You can always change this manually or assign holidays based on the schedule.

With a fixed work schedule, the person has the same hours on a fixed day each week. You can fill in this work schedule by pressing the blue text. The next pop-up will appear.

Here you can enter the number of hours per day that the person must work.

Then click on save

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