What do you need to do if an extra/flexi/student becomes a permanent employee? Here is an overview of all the settings you need to adjust in Strobbo. 

  1. Change the statute of the person

Choose in the menu for Management - Users. Select the person and click on the edit icon (pencil). Then go to the tab of your bvba (Private limited liability company).

2. Change this person's Dimona type

In the same tab you can change the Dimona type. You need to pay attention to already created Dimona's. If there are no such Dimona's, there's no problem.

If there are already created Dimona's which are not yet sent, you can simply change the type in the menu under Schedule - Dimona. Attention: you can not send Dimona's for permanent employees in Strobbo.

Click on the edit icon (pencil) in front of the person and change the Dimona type. Click 'Update' and send with the arrow at the end of the line.

If the Dimona's are already sent, cancel them with the red X at the end of the row, and create them again.

3. Are you already keeping track of overtime?

Thanks to Strobbo, you can easily keep track of the overtime of your permanent employees. You can find this option in the same tab as the bvba (Private limited liability company) in the users profile. Fill in the contract hours and check the 'Overtime' box. Then fill in from how many hours you want to keep track of the overtime.

4. Does the employee have a fixed work schedule?

Before you make adjustments, make sure that the weeks of the time entry are closed. More information on how to end a week in the time entry overview here

Afterwords, if necessary, you can change his/her fixed work schedule. You can also find this fixed work schedule in the 3rd tab of your bvba. You can use it when your employee has fixed working hours.

This is also where you can note how many hours a day this person works. When he/she takes a holiday we also use those noted hours. 

5. Give leave balance to the employee

When becoming a permanent employer, people are of course entitled to holidays. This holiday or leave balance can be adjusted in the users profile under 'Holiday'. More information in this article.

6. Notify the Social Secretariat and change the personnel number

Of course, it is not enough to change the employee's statute in Strobbo. You still need to notify the Social Secretariat. Often the employee will receive a new personnel number, which you need to change in Strobbo.

Attention: are you using Strobbo in ASA (alternative system)? In that case, make sure that N/A changes in OK after the name of the employee under the title ASA.

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