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How do I set up Strobbo as ASA?
How do I set up Strobbo as ASA?
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Set up Strobbo as ASA

To use the time entry clock of Strobbo as ASA, you need to notify this on the Social Security website. 

Click under "Top 10" on "Dimona"

On the right side, click on the blue button where it says "Personeelsbestand: aangeven en beheren" meaning "Personnel: indicate and manage"

You need to adjust the daily registration (see red arrow; 'De dagelijkse registratie configureren'). 

Now choose the third option 'The daily registration system and the registered cash register' (= Het systeem van dagelijkse registratie en de geregistreerde kassa).

When you've done this, let us know through our Chat with Support so we can set up everything to carry out the daily registration.
We will automatically read out the permanent contracts through Dimona, so we can carry out the daily registration.

Dimona-type = ASA

After you've contacted Chat with Support and we've set up everything, don't forget to change the dimona-type of your employees to "ASA" (user profile > company > dimona).

Follow up the registrations

You can follow up the registrations under "Schedule" and then "Daily registration"

Are you working with the new version?

Then ASA will not be visible under Daily Registration but will just appear in the Dimona overview.

So you can follow you ASA-registrations like this:

  • Go to "Dimona" via "Planning"

  • Use the Filters and select "ASA" here

  • You get an overview of employees and their ASA registration.

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