When your employees use the time entry clock it can be difficult to also register them as present in the White Cash register. Therefore we provide an ASA or a recognized alternative system. So you can use Strobbo to carry out the daily registration of employees. We send the up to date info to Dimona on the moment your employees clock in and out.

For every permanent employee daily a starting and ending hour of employment needs to be registered. Even flexi jobs, which work with a long-term Dimona, need to meet these requirements.

What's in it for me?
A reduction of €800/quarter of social contribution for fulltime permanent employees younger than 26.
A reduction of €500/quarter of social contribution for other fulltime permanent employees.

To receive this reduction you need to work with the registered cash register system (or our ASA) and you can have at most 49 employees. The reduction applies to maximum 5 fulltime permanent employees.

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