When you want to use the event-module, you first need to ask our Chat with Support to activate this for you since you cannot activate this yourself.

When the event-module is activated you can start working with it.

Possibility 1

  1. Choose in the menu for Schedule - Workschedules.

  2. Choose a day or week in the calendar on the left and click 'Confirm'.

  3. Then click on 'Event' in the upper right corner.

In the event - overview, click on the 'Add event' button of the appropriate day.

When making an event, all fields with an * need to be filled in. These are the date, time, client, address, employees and the name of the event.
You can also optionally fill in other fields. Your employees cannot see your events revenue.

You can add a client by clicking 'Add customer'.

The Starting point and address of an event may differ. The more details you fill in, the easier it will be for your employees.

You can add employees per work area and adjust their working hours by using the sliders. If you select an employee you can immediately see who is available.

When you filled in everything you can save the event at the bottom.

Possibility 2

  1. Choose in the menu for Schedule - Events.

  2. Click on the right bottom on the red button.

  3. Follow the same steps as possibility 1.

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