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Using Strobbo you can swiftly make a new schedule.

You can make this schedule in different ways.
In this video we explain to you how you can make a schedule in the most efficient way:

  1. Choose in the menu Schedule - Workschedules.

  2. Choose a day or week for which you want to make a schedule on the left and click on 'Confirm'.

  3. On the upper right you can choose between day view or week view.

Day view

  1. Choose a day and click on 'Change'.

  2. On the upper right you can choose how the overview looks: with sliders or in a list.

  3. Choose which personnel you'd like to plan under 'Personnel', fill in the correct hours and click on 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

Week view

  1. Choose in the list of personnel on the left who you want to plan and drag them to the correct day. TIP: When you're dragging the personnel, the work areas where this person can work will colour green, and work areas where he/she cannot work will colour red.

  2. Drag the frame with the fitting hours on the top to a day and personnel.

  3. When you're ready making the planning, click on 'Send working hours' at the bottom. Only then will the schedule become available for the personnel.

Open working time is an option in the day view as well as the week view. When planning an open working time, all personnel will receive a notification that you're searching for someone to work on that time. When checking the box 'Urgent', even personnel on Leave will receive a notification. The first person that responds will be planned.

It is also possible to make one or more templates of a planning and load them. For more information on this option, please read this article.

To export your planning to Excel, click at the bottom of the weekview on the button 'Excel'. The planning will download automatically.

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